Photographer: Cindy Bester

Equipment: Nikon D5100; Nikkor 18 – 55mm lens

CINDY BESTER WRITES: I took this photo late one afternoon in Despatch, my home town. I initially took a pic of the approaching train, but realised the back of the train as it left the station made for a better shot.

I’m always looking for new places to take photos and I’ve explored most of Despatch to find scenic spots. Near the station and in the direction of Uitenhage, there’s a footpath next to the railway tracks. At a certain time of the year, the sun sets in line with the tracks, which leads to great photo opportunities.

Sometimes I shoot only the tracks, but it’s always a bonus if there’s a train around.

TOAST COETZER SAYS: I like Cindy’s Instagram feed (@cindybeebester) because she’s got a fiercely local focus: finding beauty in the area around Port Elizabeth and Despatch. Next time the magazine needs a photo of a train in the Eastern Cape, I’ll know who to turn to!

The dramatic late afternoon light and the strong silhouettes of the century plants in the foreground draw your attention. Cindy used a classic composition: The train is the main subject and it leads your eye towards the distant mountains as it moves deeper into the frame.

This photo originally appeared in the February 2018 issue.
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